Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Timas Suplindo

Timas Suplindo is a leading engineering and construction company in Indonesia, which has a large amount for the purchase of stainless steel pipes, flanges, stainless steel fittings and stainless steel plate. The company is one of the companies that now have thousands of employees in the construction project was undertaken.

Timas Suplindo logo

Timas Suplindo is an engineering and construction firms that have obtained ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certifications, the scope for Procurement, Detailed Engineering, Testing, Construction, Project Management and Commissioning. Now TIMAS SUPLINDO has become one of the companies that helped improve the quality of the Indonesian economy, creating many jobs that help people to meet the human resource needs.

Timas Suplindo has operated a fabrication shop with qualified manpower under ISO 9001-200 certification and ASME Stamp (U, U2, S, R). In undergoing its business, the company always pays attention to safety and quality of the product. Currently, the company has expanded the construction, oil and gas abroad with a series of strategic alliances with world-class organizations.

Timas Suplindo founded in 1992 as small fabricator and erector mechanical equipment. And has had offshore group is managing the project for HESS, Salamander, Energy Star, and ConocoPhillips. For 20 years engaged in the construction of oil and gas, has made this company has the experience, ability and knowledge to continue to overcome any challenges and obstacles in carrying out business projects EPC oil and gas (offshore and onshore).

Sulianto Entong is someone who fought in the growth of Timas Suplindo, he served as a President Director who has the responsibility to continuously improve the quality of the company, in order to achieve a desired goal, which is to become the leading company in the field of construction and engineering.

Timas Suplindo headquartered in Jl. Tanah Abang II No. 81 Jakarta. For more info about this company, please access